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                          Siglow's Lash Bar     

                                                                         Because everyone deserves to feel Beautiful! 

279 North Main Street

Jonesboro,Ga 30236


Monday -Friday appointment only

Saturday 8am - 8pm

SUNDAY APPOINTMENT ONLY                                                               MASK ARE REQUIRED


At Siglow's Lash Bar  you'll get professional eyelash extensions from a trained and experienced professional, in a clean and comfortable environment!​

Get the look you most desire!

 Because everyone deserves to feel Beautiful!

Eyelash Extension Service


Although modern culture emphasizes volume as something extreme and full, Volume lashes do not mean your lashes are going to be unbearably thick and full. In reality, volume indicates the choice of softer lashes. The amount of lash strains per one fan can alter the fullness of the final style.

As a result, we stay away from classic hard, plastic-like lashes. Volume lashes have become our most popular choice due to its softness and comfort when worn.

Full Set Classic $180

Full Set​ Volume $255 up

Hand Made Mink Strip $55

Mink Individuals $65

Gift Certificates available

Basic Facial $55

Hot Sauna Blanket $45 50min

Light Therapy $25 15min

Yoni products sold here


What lash service do you recommend for first time clients?

We recommend all new clients start with a Full Classic set. For every natural lash that is healthy enough to lash we put one extension. This will give you a baseline of how many natural lashes you have to work with. A full classic set is very natural looking because they go exactly where each natural lash is. If you decide you'd like a fuller look you could do volume lashes in a future service   

How long do Eyelash Extensions last?

We naturally shed 3-5 natural lashes per eye per day. That equals 20-35 natural lashes shed per eye per week. Depending on client aftercare and personal rate of lash turnover, Full Sets of lashes last 3+ weeks and Light Sets approximately 10-14 days. They fall off when either your lash falls out naturally at the end of its life cycle or when the adhesive wears off. To maintain lash fullness, we recommend touch ups every 2-3 weeks for full classic and volume/hybrid sets.

When do I get a fill?

Typically lash refills are done when 50% of the full set of extensions remain. Most wearers have a 1 hour touch up every 2-3 weeks on a full set, similar to getting nails done. That's only 20-30 dollars a week to not have to wear eye makeup! And wake up looking like a lash-goddess every. single. morning. Yasssss

Please Note: If less than 50% of a full set remain a new set will be required. Kindly please schedule your appointments wisely to ensure that we have enough time to restore your lashes to their full beauty!

Will you fill my lashes from another salon?

To ensure the highest care and quality of client lashes, fills are only available to current clients. The products and techniques used by other lash artists may vary significantly from those used in our salon.


Can I choose how my Extensions are going to look?

Yes! Every set of lashes is customized to your personal preference - whether you want them soft and natural or big, bold and glam. Since your eyelashes are unique to you, your lash artist will evaluate your natural lashes and recommend the best way to reach your desired look while maintaining their optimal health.

Will Eyelash Extensions ruin my natural lashes?

Extensions that are applied appropriately for the length/strength of your natural lashes will not damage your lashes. A good lash artist also ensures that the natural lashes are not stuck to each other, which can cause irritation. When applied properly most client lashes become stronger, longer and fuller and there is no need to "take breaks" from wearing them.

Can I keep them on year-round?

Yes! Most lash wearers keep them on continuously while others get them a few times a year - for vacations, special occasions, etc.

Can I get them wet?

After the first 24-48 hours you are free to swim, surf, snorkel, cliff dive (really!) to your heart's content. Many clients get lashes specifically for beach vacations!

How do I clean my lashes?

Lashes should be cleaned at least once a day with an oil free cleanser and a tissue or soft makeup brush. We offer several different types of cleansers and makeup removers formulated specifically for eyelash extensions to keep them healthy and prevent bacterial buildup.

Glows facials

Facial Treatments

Glows Facial Experiance takes pride in providing you with superior facial services and takes your skin's heath seriously. Our skincare solutions are based on science, prevention and a balanced lifestyle that incorporates your overall well-being, including diet and exercise. Soon your skin will reveal itself as what it was meant to be...healthy, rejuvenated and glowing!

Personalized Spa facial

Perfect for your first facial and for any skin type! Tailored to meet your skin's needs. Includes thorough extractions, serums and a specialized mask. Includes decollate and scalp massage.

$65 up

Men’s Tailored Facial

Men's skin can be quite sensitive, requiring a little extra care! Products designed for a man's skin type are used to address such sensitivities as blemishes and ingrown hairs. Treatment includes a mask and shoulder massage.


279 North Main Street 

Jonesboro,Ga 30236



monday -Friday appointment only

Saturday 8am - 8pm

SUNDAY APPOINTMENT ONLY                                                            MASK ARE REQUIRED


Please Note: If less than 50% of a Full Set of lashes remain, a new set will be required. Kindly please schedule your appointments wisely to ensure that we have enough time to restore your lashes to their full beauty!BOOK APPOINTMENT